Gram, wish you stuck around.

Another tragic early death. Though he was seriously playing with fire. Morphine, Gram?

Left us some great songs. For sure.

Sorry if it makes you go to YouTube.


5 thoughts on “Gram, wish you stuck around.

  1. I’m a bit embarrassed to say I’ve not heard of him before… But I did a quick online search while listening to this song. He died when he was 26?! So young! It’s sad to think of such a talented person gone so soon.

    Thanks for the introduction, and for broadening my musical horizons. 🙂

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    • Well, he was in that country-rock genre, and not terribly famous while alive. And I was raised loving Emmylou Harris, who sang with him. If you like his stuff, check out the last proper album by The Byrds or The Interational Submarine Band. I love that you can find a lot of this stuff on YouTube and definitely streaming services without making a major investment 🙂


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