Gram, wish you stuck around.

Another tragic early death. Though he was seriously playing with fire. Morphine, Gram?

Left us some great songs. For sure.

Sorry if it makes you go to YouTube.

My Moment


  • I love walking. Especially in the woods.
  • I met a eight-point buck on a walk. He considered me calmly for several minutes.
  • I considered him calmly. Then he trotted off.
  • I think he was pleased to have met me.
  • He was majestic. Beautiful beyond words.
  • This is the only spiritual experience I’ve ever had.
  • It is the only one I’ll ever need.

Songs of Love and Death



Illustration by William Brown MacDougall

How Leonard Cohen is that title? (My favorite Cohen album in fact.) I would love to get my hands on a copy of this treasure. Of course it has been digitized. Not quite the same experience.

I have a love for vintage illustrations, and some of these have a Aubrey Beardsley feel – a good thing.

Author: Margaret Armour, pub. 1896

Too Personal

I did not post a selfie. Never happened. (Old habits die hard.)



I’m adorable. And I’m a rapist… you don’t want the details. (Google.)