No Badfinger Bad Luck

I have been asleep for most of the past few days. Worn out, stressed…

I am not a person who sits well when things slip out of her control, and a bunch of stuff fell out of my hands all at once.

It was a bad run, but I can feel things turning around. There’s having a run of bad luck, and then there’s Badfinger Bad Luck. And I’m sure it will never get that bad.

As a child, decapitation was a frightening concept


I do love Golden Age Illustration.
From: The life of Jesus : retold from the Gospels for children (from “Stokes’ wonder book of the Bible”)
Helen Ward Banks, Florence Choate illustations, published 1922

On The Line

Epic headache has finally subsided. Just the occasional spark. I am actually quite tough when it comes to pain, but this reminded me of the excruciating pain of ear infections as a child. It would not release me from its grip for a second, and stuck around for days.



This is happening. Without revealing my precise location, I’m on The Line.

Excited, but the city is going to be packed. People are renting out their yards for tents. Need to stock up on necessities and hide.

The Joplin tornado hit a month after we moved here from Seattle:


When she’s on her best behavior
Don’t be tempted by her favors
Never turn your back on Mother Earth
Towns are hurled from A to B…

Nasty, brutish and short. And random rules.

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Agony, Insomnia, and Pavel Tchelitchew


The Eye, 1949. Central location of my epic headache. Odds of it leaping out of the socket in a mad dash for relief? High.


Self explanatory.

Gram, wish you stuck around.

Another tragic early death. Though he was seriously playing with fire. Morphine, Gram?

Left us some great songs. For sure.

Sorry if it makes you go to YouTube.